Some seniors can live independently for a long time, they are able to take care of themselves at home and drive to certain locations. However, your loved ones will need help eventually. At some point, they will need someone who can assist them with their daily tasks and other basic activities. 

When is it time to get home care help? Below are the ten questions you need to ask yourself. As soon as you see these signs that your loved ones may no longer have the capacity to take care of themselves, consider hiring a caregiver for assistance.

1. Do they care for their home?

One of the many indications that your loved one needs home care is when their home is no longer organized. When you see a lot of clutter, unfolded laundry, dirty dishes, and garbage building up, that’s a sure sign that they need help right away. Your parents may no longer have the energy to maintain their home, or they don’t think it’s necessary. At this point, you may want to consider hiring someone else who can help maintain your home and look out for your loved ones.

2. Do they still care about their hygiene?

As your parents grow older, they may no longer pay attention to their hygiene. Do they still wear clean and well-ironed clothes? What about their body odor? Pay close attention to this and if you notice any changes, get help immediately. They could be having some problems with their memory, making it challenging for them to look out for themselves.

3. Do they maintain a healthy weight?

If you notice a change in your loved ones’ body weight, they may not be eating enough. Perhaps they are depressed, or they struggle with meal preparation. What you can do is stay with them during the day and observe how they prepare their meals. Do they still know how to cook their food, or do they prefer take-out instead? Check their fridge if they have enough food or if it’s spoiling. When it comes to your loved one’s health, it’s always best to have someone who can help. Consider hiring home care, so your loved ones get the help they need.

4. Do they have a problem driving?

To ensure safety, you need to know if your loved ones are still capable of driving independently. You may want to inspect their cars for dents or see if they are constantly getting traffic tickets. If possible, ask them to drive you somewhere else and check their driving. If you think that there might be a problem, consider getting help. You can’t risk your parents’ safety; someone needs to be with them for assistance.

5. Do they always get confused?

Memory problems and confusion are some of the symptoms of dementia. This is a surefire sign that you need to get home care for your loved ones so that caregivers can take care of them. If they constantly get lost or forget some basic tasks, then you definitely should get help.

6. Are they happy and social?

Keep in mind that being social can contribute to your loved ones’ emotional health. On the other hand, social isolation can hurt their physical and mental well-being. If not resolved, it could lead to depression and other serious problems.

7. Do they still take their medications on time?

Neglecting their medications can negatively affect the health of your loved ones. It’s essential that you know whether they are still taking their medications on time and following doctor’s orders. Check your loved ones’ prescriptions and make sure they religiously adhere to them. If they don’t take their medications correctly or often miss taking them, that’s a big sign that they need home care.

8. Have they experienced a fall?

Keep in mind that falls are one of the leading causes of disability in older people, especially those over 65. Cognitive problems, weakness, and other medical issues are just a few factors that contribute to falling. If your parents are older and struggle with going up and down the stairs, it’s crucial that you hire home care to reduce injury due to a fall. Hiring a caregiver can significantly help your loved one and avoid serious complications.

9. Are they having issues with their appointments?

If your parents keep missing their doctor’s appointments, this can indicate a memory problem. They may also be afraid to drive to the doctor’s office for fear of accidents. Consider hiring home care assistance to make sure they get where they need to go.

10. Do they have problems with mobility?

You may need to hire home care when your loved one is struggling to move from one place to another. Another sign that they may have mobility issues is when they can’t bathe or get dressed. There are usually obvious signs of mobility problems and it’s important that you do something about it right away. When you notice the symptoms, get some help.

If It’s Time for Home Care, Reach Out to Us

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